Literary Love for Louisiana Auction Rules

Thank you so much for checking out the Literary Love for Louisiana Auction. We hope you find some amazing auction items to bid on.

The auction is now open and will close on Sunday  September 17 at 11:59pm.

Each auction item opening bid we would love to see a minimum of $5, but you can open with a higher bid if you so desire. And it would be great if bidding increments were at least $5, but you can make bigger bids if you so desire (especially if you want to sure that item for yourself). All auction items must include some form of electronic contact information for the bidder. This can be via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

All auction items must be paid for within a week of the auction closing. If an item isn’t paid for in that time frame, then the auction item is offered to the next higher bidder, with the same rules applying.If a winner doesn’t pay within four weeks of the auction closing, the auction is void.

To pay for your auction item, make a donation to Habitat for Humanity for the amount of your bid and email your receipt to as evidence of your payment. We will contact the auction donor and pass on your contact information so you can claim your auction item.

Happy Bidding!

Em Shotwell & Sharon M Johnston





5 thoughts on “Literary Love for Louisiana Auction Rules

  1. S.M.Johnston says:

    Admin here: I’m based in Australia so I’m using an app and I’ve based it on New York time, which I believe is Eastern Daylight Savings Time at present as it says EDT. I’ll be locking the comments as close as I can to that time based on the app/my clock. All comments that make it before I lock comments will be valid. Hope that helps.


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